Steps to Teach

Steps to Teach

  1. Register to teach HERE
  2. We will email you with all required paperwork, and a link for our e-learning platform
  3. Complete your e-learning modules before December 1st
  4. Keep an eye on your email for important updates. Make sure to follow us on social media!
  5. Register for On-Snow Clinics 
  6. Make sure you have all your gear ready for the first week of lessons
This is a infographic showing the Powderpigs Hiring Process! 

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    • Will I teach skiing or snowboarding?

      Many instructors have both skiing and snowboarding experience. We love having a diverse group of instructors with versatile abilities! Teaching skiing versus snowboarding for Powderpigs is largely the same experience, however the learning curve for ...
    • Should I teach or do Leadership/Junior Assistant?

      Making the decision to instructor or continue in lessons can be a tough one! Find more info below on how to make that decision! Leadership/Junior Assistant Instructor Pay/Cost: There is a cost associated with these programs Normal pay structure. See: ...
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      Instructors are the backbone of our program. As a Powderpigs instructor you are expected to have a genuine enthusiasm for teaching children to ski and snowboard. The benefits of becoming an instructor are numerous. Besides the satisfaction that comes ...
    • Instructor Time Commitment

      Our ski school runs 9 consecutive weeks with a break around the February holidays. We ask that instructors pick at least one day (Fri PM, Sat or Sun) and commit to teaching the full 9 weeks (barring extenuating circumstances such as illness), as you ...
    • Instructor Pay Scale

      Base pay in 2024 is $22.00. Additional Pay Opportunities A per hour increase if you teach 2 or more scheduled days Daily bonus for substituting a day not regularly scheduled (Not applicable to Sub Only Positions) A per hour increase for current first ...