What are the ages for Powderpigs?

What are the ages for Powderpigs?

Age Requirements

  • 4 Year olds must turn 4 before September 1.

  • Snowboard program starts at age 7.

  • Friday PM Programs start at age 5.

  • All other programs' age determination is January 1.

Youth Ski Program Ages:

FriPM Youth Ski: Friday PM Youth Ski (Ages 5-12)

SA Youth Ski: Saturday Youth Ski (Ages 4-12)

SU Youth Ski: Sunday Youth Ski (Ages 4-12)

Older Youth Beginner Ski Program (Age 9-15)

FriPM Tween Ski: Friday PM Tween Ski (Ages 9-15)

SA Tween Ski: Saturday Tween Ski (Ages 9-15)

SU Tween Ski: Sunday Tween Ski (Ages 9-15)

Youth Snowboard Programs:

SA Youth Board: Saturday Youth Snowboard (Ages 7-15)

SU Youth Board: Sunday Youth Snowboard (Ages 7-15)

Leadership & Jr. Assistant Programs (Ages 13-15 & Must be advanced ski skill)

Learn more about these programs HERE.

SA LS Ski: Saturday Leadership Ski

SU Jr. Inst Ski: Sunday Jr. Instructor Ski

SA Jr. Assist. Board: Saturday Jr. Assistant Snowboard

SU Jr. Assist. Board: Sunday Jr. Assistant Snowboard

Adult Programs (Age 18+)

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