Snowboard Learning Phases

Snowboard Learning Phases

Snowboard Learning Phases:
We use 5 phases to describe skill level for our snowboard students. We ask that you honestly indicate your student's skill level on the interest form. We cannot guarantee that there will be a class for your student if the information that you provide is incorrect.



Brand New

No Snowboard Experience

Flatland Phase

First few times on board, still getting comfortable performing basic riding skills

Control Phase

Riding comfortably downhill, can stop/slow and has directional control, can perform heel-toe S-turns inconsistently.

Turning Phase

Can consistently perform heel-toe S-turns on most intermediate terrain. Working on edge control & fluidity in turns.

Flow Phase

Confident turning on most expert terrain with full edge control and variation in turn size.

Skill Level FAQs:
  1. I know my student's snowboard ability, but my student hasn't snowboarded in a few years. Which phase do I choose?
    1. Tell us! We read all additional comments that you add to your interest form. The more information that we have on a student, the easier it is for us to put them into classes. We have worked with many students of all ability levels and can almost always find a class that will be a good fit for your student.

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