Seasons Pass Info

Seasons Pass Info

Season Passes:

Season Passes are not included with ski school tuition.  These need to be purchased from the Summit at Snoqualmie.  The earlier you buy them, the better the price is, so now is the time! Visit The Summit At Snoqualmie website for more information.  The Summit no longer offers any discounted season pass to students beyond their tiered pricing system.  

What pass should I buy?

You can check out all the Season Pass options HERE.  Some passes come with restrictions, and if you plan to ski outside of lessons, please check the restrictions to make sure they work for your family‚Äôs preferences
For the 2025 season, there are new seasons pass options! Be sure to read carefully! 
Generally, an Alpental LTD, or Summit Pass pass works for all Powderpigs student lessons*. 

We recommend finding the best pass option for your family by visiting the Summit at Snoqualmie winter season pass page. There are multiple options to choose from bases on how often your family plans to ski. There are also options to add on other perks such as an Ikon pass depending on what type of pass you choose to purchase.

Within each pass product, there are several pricing tiers for different age groups. For example, under a Alpental LTD Pass, you can purchase a child pass, youth pass or adult pass. Each age tier will have separate pricing available.  

Some examples are:
  1. Friday night families who only plan to ski during lessons on Friday nights, can purchase a twilight pass. The twilight pass works for all chair lifts after 2pm. 
  2. Saturday families that only ski at Summit Central, West or Hyak (East) can opt to purchase the Summit Pass.
  3. Sunday families that wish to ski Alpental once or twice, and have a family ski trip planned to a Ikon resort, might opt to purchase the Alpental Plus Pass with the Ikon Base Pass upgrade. 

When should I purchase my pass? 

The area implements a tiered pricing system. The earlier in the spring you purchase passes for next season, the better the pricing will be! Plus often times passes purchased early in the season include perks for summer activities at the pass. 

Do I need to purchase a season pass for my beginner?

YES!  Your student will eventually ride the chair.  The ski area runs the Pig Chair and passes are required to utilize this chair as well. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that single day tickets will be available, and they often sell out for the weekends. The only cost effective way to guarantee your student will be able to ride the chair is to purchase a season pass. 

Help! The Summit is sold out of Passes?!

Once the Summit has sold out of their regular passes (this typically does not happen until the fall, there are several pricing tiers so passes may sell out several times before being fully sold out), registered students are guaranteed an LTD pass by using our Ski School Code. This code should allow you to purchase a pass for your student if you still need to do so.  Please remember that this code is valid only for registered students, not family members. Powderpigs will send out email communications to all registered families to ensure allow them access to this pass.

If you missed this email, please inquire for the instructions after October with 

Please wait until the fall to inquire about a pass code, the area has several pass sales throughout the spring, summer and early fall. 

How do I Pick Up My Pass?

All Passes need to be picked up prior to lessons.  You will be able to pick up your pass at any of the base areas.  There are Kiosks set up where you will need to scan the QR code that the Summit emailed you.  Scan the code at the kiosk and it will print out your pass on the spot!

Check out this VIDEO to see how it works!

Where should I put my pass?

The new RFID gates have sensors at the average adult male hip height on the left hand side.  Small children will find that the gate is most effective with the pass in a left chest height pocket or an arm pocket.  

Help! I lost my pass! 

Don't fret! Its super easy to get a replacement pass. All base areas have a guest services desk that can quickly reprint a lost pass. If you realize you lost your pass before you come up the mountain, plan an extra 30 mins and swing by the West or Silverfir base areas to get a pass printed. Summit West and Silverfir have guest services areas that you can park within a 2 min walk to guest services. 
If you didn't realize that you lost your students pass until you are at the pigpen, if you have time either walk or ski to silverfir and get it reprinted, or ask an admin for a loaner pass! We have LIMITED passes that can be used for a single day. 
You must always return your loaner pass at the end of the day! 

Under no circumstances can you "share" a pass. This is considered pass fraud and can result in fines of over $200, passes cancelled, and potentially expulsion from the ski school. DO NOT SHARE PASSES 

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