Leadership & Jr. Assistant Programs

Leadership & Jr. Assistant Programs

These programs are for our more advanced skiers and snowboarders who may wish to consider instructing in the future. Both programs offer the chance to explore the teaching-learning experience from the other side of the Powderpigs equation. It is a great way to get a good look at what instructing is all about, as well as providing them with a good start on gaining the skills of an instructor.  Both programs do include some pre-season online prep (appx 1 hour.) covering some safety basics.

Each year we may offer both Leadership and Jr. Assistant, or we may only offer one or the other.  Please see the registration page to check current offerings.


Meets during our regular program schedule (10am-3pm with lunch from 12-1pm).  Emphasis is on improving their own skiing, getting a more detailed knowledge of the technical aspects of skiing and developing basic teaching and observation skills. This is a clinic style class with directed “hands on” practice, teaching with our younger students for half the day. The teaching skills covered are part of our Instructor Training program, helping Leadership students have a successful instructor training season when they are ready to become instructors. Many Leadership students complete 2+ years of leadership and go on to be incredible instructors!

Students must be parallel skiers or advanced snowboarders who ski & ride comfortably & confidently everywhere in all conditions.

Ages 13 and up. Limited enrollment.

Jr. Assistant

Meets during our regular program schedule (10am-3pm with lunch from 12-1pm).  Jr. Assistants will be partnered with a Primary instructor.  Most often the Jr. Assistant will remain with that class the entire season so they can build a strong foundation and relationship with the students and be able to observe a full season of instructing.  As the season progresses Jr. Assistants will be given guidance on teaching principals and techniques, as well as opportunities to lead the class, sweep the class, teach a drill, and more.  This program does not include structured personal skill development for the Jr. Assistant, so they must be parallel skiers or advanced snowboarders who ski & ride comfortably and confidently everywhere in all conditions.  

Ages 13 and up.  Limited Enrollment.

Leadership & Jr. Assistant are considered a continuation of our lesson program, with some special extra perks.  These are not employment positions.

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