Instructor Training Clinic Time Commitment

Instructor Training Clinic Time Commitment

Powderpigs uses a combination approach to our staff training. We utilize online trainings at your own pace, and On Snow Trainings in December.

Our online portion is our Kid Tech and Ski Tech components.  We focus on the whole child aspect of learning.  There are 8-10 modules of varying lengths.  Most take between 20-40 minutes to complete, depending on your reading speed.  We also offer optional online round tables to reinforce the information. You receive 1 credit hour towards the next pay bracket for completing each online training module.

Our On Snow Clinics are held in December.  These are paid trainings and we ask instructors to come to at least 4 but instructors can come to as many as they want.  They are intended to build upon each other to learn new skills with information from different clinic staff.  This enhances the clinics and allows instructors to experience multiple types of teaching as all our clinic leaders have different strengths. Clinics are 3 hours long on Saturday/Sundays in December, with one Friday during the break.  You can view the schedule at Instructor Clinic Schedule

We have a high success rate for instructors who complete the training program.  If you sign up to instruct, and participate fully in clinics, you will likely be assigned a class in some capacity.  We strive to support our instructors in multiple ways throughout the season.

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